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Pitbull Security provides physical security services on the territory of residential complexes, residential and non-residential real estate. Our clients – residents of apartment buildings gives positive feedback about our employees. After all, one of the main tasks set by Pitbull Security is to ensure safety and comfort for customers. We always make advances with the management in organizing security and order on the territory of the protected facility and always ready to provide the necessary legal assistance. We provide services to ensure the security of apartments and houses, offices and hotels, warehouse and industrial premises. We comprehensively provide physical protection of facilities, construction of video surveillance and access control systems, access control and patrolling. Our employees provide security in the protected area, protection from the entry of unauthorized persons, counteraction to theft, property damage and other illegal actions. Pitbull security interacts with the National Police and operates strictly within the law. When ordering a service, our specialists will visit the facility to assess and audit the facility at the expense of the company. We provide material guarantees.