About Us

Security company
Pitbull security LLC
Pitbull Security provides close protection, physical, information and legal security services. By contacting us, the client can be sure that he will receive comprehensive protection. The backbone of the Pitbull security team are reserve officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, veterans with combat experience. We pay great attention to the physical, tactical, shooting, medical, psychological and legal training of our employees. The company has engineering and technical departments that are engaged in equipping security systems. In its daily activities, Pitbull security cooperates with the National Police of Ukraine and acts strictly within the framework of the law. The company has a round-the-clock operational duty service, rapid response teams (RRT) and legal support of the company’s lawyers. Legal department staff will provide round-the-clock support. The company provides services on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (order No. 579 of 07/31/2020).